Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

Wow, Kimberly Marvel has too much fun. Her slave box just gets lower and lower in Kimberly's eyes. What will she think of next? How about sitting on his face while she thinks of something to torment him. Kimberly knows that farting on his face would be so dirty and the ultimate in letting her slave know where he stands with her, no where, because he is a slave.

Russian girls Katja and Ljuba are always into a good time, but when it comes to making a slave boy feel totally like crap, they are awesome. They are sitting on his face, while his head is trapped in a box. Having human furniture can be so comfortable, but it might not be that comfortable for the human furniture slave. The ladies are having soon much fun.

Tall Candy loves to get dressed up and show off her really hot body, but she really loves to sit on Kacie's innocent face. Not bad for a dominatrix, but she needs to be sure Kacie is trained properly and understands that Tall Candy is the boss, and Kacie is to always do what Candy says no matter what. It's tough keeping a slave in line, but it can be done.

Eva has always been a submissive slave, but when Vanessa gets her a leash and lets her know her new duties, it becomes a whole new ball game. Vanessa is going to allow Eva to check out her new denim jeans on her face by giving her a hot facesitting session to show her just who is boss. Eva better get ready for this slave training before it's too late.

Achieving an orgasm as a goal to win a match sounds like fun, but there is a catch of course. Tatiana and Mia are going to challenge each other by sitting on each other's face. Which girl is going to be able to handle this wild challenge, and who is going to cum hard? The true dominant girl is going to win this challenge and love every minute of it.

Jessica Perola gives hardcore a new definition. Not only is she hot, but she has decided to brutalize her slaves Erica and Isabela. Can they handle being slapped? Jessica puts her pussy right on their faces and smothers them. Talk about hardcore, and Jessica loves it too. Jessica Perola is truly hardcore like no other, and she is proud of it too! Will they last?

Wow, Mercedes sure is a bad girl, but she is also very dominant. Mercedes loves to wear her black stockings and tease her slave boy. She loves to take her stockings off slowly and rub her g string on his face. She is so hot and nasty, her slave is going to feel tormented, but in a good way. Mercedes shows her slave how to obey.

Mistress Cleo is a sexy brunette mistress that wants to sit down and relax for a little bit and she uses her slave as her human cushion to be her seat. She sits on him with her sexy ass covered in blue jeans and as soon as he starts complaining about not being able to breathe she only laughs at him and presses down harder on his face smothering him more.

This sexy mistress is ready for some relaxation as she sits on her human cushion for hours as she reads a magazine. She makes him put his head on the couch and then she sits on his face and ignores him for hours as she smothers his face. He does not get any fresh air as her ass smothers him and she sits on him with her full weight pressing down on him for hours.

Mistress Sam has returned to the amateur facestting wrestling world and she is paired up with Mistress Mia for her first match back. It does not take long for Mistress Mia to take Sam down because she is out of practice. Mistress Mia then takes Sam and pins her down on the floor and sits on her face wearing just a small green thong barely covering her round sexy ass.

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