Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

Mistress Meg and Bea like to trap guys with their hot bodies. For them, it is one of the perks of having a hot body. They found their latest victim and started it off on a good note and he did not suspect it. But then they began to ass sit on his face and smother his face with their asses making him lick and smell their asses in the process.

This mistress was so sick of her slave that she did not care what she did to him as punishment. She facesat on him and made him choke. But she was not done. She even took a poythene bag and she tied it on his face. She clearly wanted to punish him cruelly and she did. By the time she was done with him, he gasped for air as he nearly choked to death.

Mistress Amber has a great ass and this guy was being a nuisance staring at it and complementing it. She decided to put the matter to rest once and for all. So she invited him to her house and the guy was beside himself with joy. But he never knew what lay ahead of him. On reaching her house, she facesat on him and told him to enjoy her ass as she used it to smother him and choke him.

Mistress Anna had a bone to pick with her slave. She had told him repeatedly to do something but he either forgot or ignored her. She did not want that to be the new standard so she had to do something about and she did. She made her slave lie down and she facesat on him and made sure he nearly choked from her facesitting. She also made him smell her ass.

Lady Gabriella is a beautiful blonde in a short skirt and stockings who makes her slave lie back with his head on her sofa so she can dominate him with facesitting. She casually sits on his face with her legs crossed then props her legs up on his stomach. He smothers under the full weight of her ass and she just sits there calmly pushing down on him cutting off his air with her ass.

This thick and sexy masked goddess is here to triumph over her slave with facesitting. She is only wearing a t-shirt and panties as she mounts his face and pushes down with her full weight. When his nose is completely buried in her pussy and her ass is completely covering his mouth, she raises her arms in victory because she is so proud that she is smothering him with her full weight.

Petite and supple goddess Cindy looks gorgeous in her tight jeans as she prepares to dominate her slave with facesitting. She makes sure to completely cover his nose and mouth with her jeans ass and pushes down with her full weight until he starts to smother. When he smothers helpless under her ass, she changes positions and does it again while he fights to breathe under the full weight of her ass.

Jamie-Kate is a gorgeous ginger slut who has gained some nice thickness on her ass and she's about to use it to dominate this slave with facesitting in short shorts. She smiles as she lowers her ass down on the helpless slave and pushes down with her full weight. She sits down crushing his face in both positions and props her feet up on his stomach so her full weight is pressing down.

Teodora and Joss are equally hot and sexy and they are also both very mean to their female slave. The soft and pretty submissive girl lies on the bed helpless while Joss mounts her face in her panties until her nose and mouth are buried in her ass. The female slave begins to smother and Joss wiggles her tight ass back and forth making her nose go farther up her ass.

Lady Electra and Lady Natalie are two drop dead gorgeous girls in tight short shorts. One of them is a blonde and the other brunette, but they are equally hot and cruel to their slave. They make him tilt his head back on a sofa while they take turns facesitting on him and smothering him with their asses. They push down hard crushing his face with their ass and bouncing up and down.

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