Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

Gia has always had a crush on Calina, however Calina has always challenged her to a sit fest. Gia didn't realize that sexy Calina wanted Gia to place her ass on her face. Calina wants to smell Gia's hot pussy, because ultimately she wants to turn Gia on, so she can seduce her and fuck her good. Of course Gia sits on Calina's pretty face with her pussy.

Mistress Black Diamond is always up for a great day of facesitting and brutalizing her slave. She thinks he is a major loser, so when she places her very nice ass on his face, all he can do is open his mouth wide and take whatever she has in. She loves to humiliate him and tell him what a piece of shit he is in her world.

Mistress Tura loves to sit on the face of her slave. She will take all of her weight and sit on the face of her loser slave. Mistress Tura hates her slave and feels like he is nothing better than a piece of shit. That is why sitting on his face is so much fun for her. She will even rub her ass on his face.

Beauty Daidra gives the male slave a taste of her beautiful ass and her pussy as she is dressed in he rblack shorts and sits on top of his face. She is very hot woman with a gorgeous body and she gives the slave a taste of her middle as she sits on his face hard not giving him a chance to breathe in any air. He is smothered by her.

The gorgeous ladies Alice and Maria smother and sit on Bambinas face as they have her head on the edge of the jacuzzi and the two ladies are dressed in their hot bathing suits. They give her a face full of their asses and pussies as she is smothered by them inside the jacuzzi. She fights for breath as she is forced to breathe in the hot ladies asses.

The 6 foot tall 250lbs. amazon goddess Mistress X-rated face sits her male slave with her big black ass as she has his head on the edge of the bed and gives him a hard core face sitting. She is dressed in her red thong which is hidden inside her big butt cheeks and makes the slave's head disappear as she sits her big black ass right down on top.

These two mistresses show no mercy! Their slave is blindfolded and lies on the couch. He is unaware of the cruel things the two ladies are going to do to him. But soon he will find out...! They trample on his body with their whole weight. Then they make him sniff their dirty, sweaty soles until they also decide to sit down on his face so he can not breath anymore... Poor slave!

Gorgeous redhead mistress Kimberley facesits her slave in her tight ripped jeans which show off her erotic back tattoo. She wears a very sexy,tight, meshed jeans as she plants her hot ass right on top of his face as the slave lies on the living room floor. Kimberley has got a very feminine sexy body and she makes the slave breathe in her jeans ass and pussy sitting on him.

The males faces are used as seat cushions as the two sexy bitches Queen Kase and Princess Sierra face sit the male slaves. The ladies are amazed that men allow themselves just to be used like this- as nothing more than human furniture for women to sit on. They oblige the men though as they use their faces as their personal bar stools sitting down with their juicy asses.

The sexy ladies Alex and Teodora have one night to have fun with rented victim. Kacie will be their slave for this night and their subject of abuse and degradation as the hot girls sit on top of her face. The hot girls are dressed in their tight white undies as they smother young Kacie's face with their beautiful butts. Kacie gets to breathe in the feminine odor of the ladies.

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