Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

Jenny shows us her dazzling, sexy smile, as she's happiest when subjugating some guy on the floor. Her idea of a perfect date is to force him on the floor, sit on his face, and make him ask permission to breathe. She takes his submission even further by making him smell her pussy and ass up close and personal as punishment for attempting to speak or get comfortable.

Mistress Sue is a very strict dominatrix, and will not tolerate any bad behavior from her blond toyboy. Wearing see-through leggings and black panties, Mistress Sue makes herself comfortable by sitting on his face in nearly every position possible. Her slave's face turns red as he struggles to breathe under her full weight pressing right on his face. She will only permit his face to touch her!

Kathrin needs to get comfortable. To do this, she binds up her humiliated slave and uses him as a human cushion. She settles into her new face chair by pressing and grinding her ass and pussy right into his heavy breathing face, playfully smiling and humiliating him. She orders her skin chair to take a big whiff of her round ass and pussy, making it difficult for him to breathe.

This slave isn't allowed to even breathe without Marina's permission. She sees her boyfriend as her human chair, and proceeds to sit on his face, making him uncomfortable and at her mercy. Marina loves putting him in his place by grinding her pussy, clad only in panties and nylons, right into his face, giving him permission to breathe when she feels like it. She is one cruel mistress.

Kasha loves to get dressed in her domination best and show her slave who's in charge around here. Dressed in sexy lingerie and retro platform pumps, Kasha squats down on his face, grinding her silk and nylon-clad pussy into his nose and mouth until he can barely breathe. She will only accept complete submission from him. Kasha wants him to smell her pussy and ass like the dog he is.

Take that ass on your face and like it, slave boy! Svenja uses humiliation and a human chair to to show her dominance. She squats and sits on his face, enjoying his gasps for breath as she forces him to smell her pussy and ass through her thong panties. Her wish is his command, and no one dares say no to this brutal mistress, especially when she wants to get comfortable.

Mistress Svenja isn't content to sit on a regular chair while she catches up on her fetish reading; only her slave's face will do. She wears only thong panties as she grinds and crushes her round ass and pussy into his face, demonstrating ultimate femdom mastery. This loser can barely breathe under the weight of her bottom and suffers extreme submission for the benefit of his mistress's comfort.

Jule would never use a regular chair when her slave's face will do just fine. She squats down on his face, placing her full weight on him and making him very, very uncomfortable while she grinds her ass and crotch into his nose. She makes him smell her naughty bits through her jeans in this most humiliating punishment. Jules proves this guy a loser subject to her domination.

This slave was not lucky. These two BBW mistresses had set their eyes on him and wanted to torture him. They facesat on him and also sat on his stomach making it hard for him to breathe

Melissa was practicing her facesitting fetish. So she got her slave and enjoyed facesitting on him with her ass in a thong. She facesat on him and choked him with her ass

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