Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

When Mistress Cleo wants to have fun, she grabs her slave and puts him on a mattress. She has him lay bound on his back while she pulls up her skirt and lets her thong show. She bounces up and down his body, loving the way he bucks to throw her off. When she gets to his face, she sits for a while and then starts to bounce. She doesn't care if he is short of breath because she is having fun.

There is nothing like punishing a slave. When a slave just refuses to learn, two asses are sometimes required. These mistresses lay this slave down and get dressed in their skimpiest shorts. They take turns sitting their entire ass on his face, stopping the breathe he needs. They sit until he turns red faced and switch positions. As they sit, they make sure all his air is cut off. It's important to them that he learn.

Leana wants to play a new game with her boyfriend. She stands before him placing her ass directly on his face crushing him with the weight of her hot ass She rocks back and fourth grinding her ass on her poor boyfriends face making it hard for him to breathe beneath her. Whether he likes it or not, she will not stop until she is satisfied with his brutal punishment.

Mistress Mercedes enjoys the feeling of her slaves face being crushed beneath her ass in jeans. She sits directly on his face smothering him with her gorgeous ass with all of her weight. She can't help but love the torture of making it impossible for her slave to breath while flattening his face with her hot ass. How much punishment can her slave take? Mistress Mercedes will go until she sees fit.

Candy and Teodora are so happy to have their own toy face to play with. They take turns sitting on Kacie's face crushing her with the weight of their sexy ass's. They bury Kacie's face deep into their ass's making it impossible for her to grasp for air. This game is far too fun for Candy and Teodora to stop quickly. They enjoy crushing their little toys face with all of their might.

Kathrine uses her human chair in what ever way she see's fit crushing him with her weight. She smashes his face deep into her ass while wearing black trousers. She places all of her weight on her human chair's face forcing him to smell her ass as she grinds him hard. Kathrine will decide when he has had enough, and she is enjoying herself far too much to give in too easily.

Mistress Manon could careless about how her slave is feeling. She sits directly on his face smothering him with the weight of her ass in jeans. She grinds him back and fourth sticking his nose deep into the ass of her jeans making it hard for him to breath beneath her. Mistress Maron does not care that her little slave can not breath, she grinds his face harder and harder with all her might.

Alex instructs bambina to lay her head on the front of a chair. She sits directly on Bambinas little face with her hot ass grinding her ass back and fourth sticking her nose deep into her ass. Alex does not care whether or not Bambina is uncomfortable, she rides her again and again crushing her face with all of her weight making it hard for her to breathe underneath her.

BBW Lady Cathy has had a very long, and tough work out. She removes her incredibly sweaty pants and sits directly on her slaves face using her ass cushion in what ever way she see's fit. She smashes her large ass into his face making it impossible for him to breath as she crushes him beneath her sticking his nose deep into her sweaty ass. He doesn't deserve any remorse, she'll decide when she is through.

Despina places her gorgeous ass directly on his slaves face using him as a human seat. She doesn't care how uncomfortable he may be, she smashes all of her weight directly on his face crushing him with all of her weight. Silly slave, you're merely just a play toy she thinks as she crushes him over and over again. It is far too much fun for Despina to stop quickly.

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