Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

Jane and Layla always have a great time together, because they are close sisters. They are going to have their slave come over, so they can sit right on his face with all of their weight. Both sisters are super hot, so the slave is a very lucky guy to have their full pussy weight right on the tip of his nose. The slave can smell everything.

Xenias has the best ass. She is going to allow her slave to stare are her round ass, but then she is going to show him a thing or two about sniffing and smelling her ass. Instead of sitting in a chair, she is going to sit on her slave's face. She will use all of her weight and bury her pussy on his face.

Mistress Jean is always trying to do better with her facesitting. She is going to put on a pair of jeans that she loves, and get ready for a facesitting session with one of her slaves. She is going to sit down right on his face. She will make sure that she is in control of his breathing, and she will allow him air when she wants him to breathe.

Zoe may be a young mistress, but that doesn't mean she can't totally smash a slave's face with her ass. She is going to smother a slave to the fullest. She will press her butt right on his nose. The slave is enjoying her asshole on his nose, but he also notices how hard to breathe it is. She is having a great time with her slave.

Jane and Layla are very hot babes that love to tease and taunt their slave. They are going to put on their tightest denim jeans and start to smash their slave. The slave is going to have their full body weight on his face. The girls are going to flatten his face and make him feel like a total fucking loser by sitting and smothering his face.

Demi and Kathi are very hot babes with the tiniest of thongs. Their thongs are so small, that their pussy's can be seen. The two babes are going to have some nasty fun by sitting on each others face. Both babes are going to love the smells and scents coming from their hot pussy's. Nothing but two hot babes grinning from their naughty play time.

Nita has a very curvy and big ass. She is going to put on her favorite pair of jeans, and show her slave just what her ass is capable of doing to him. Nita will smash and smother her slave with all of her weight right on his face. The slave will get her denim on his face, along with all of her ass and pussy smells.

Katharina is a babe that is in amazing shape. She is going to take her loser slave and amuse herself with his face. Her loser slave is going to sniff her sweaty ass while she is working out, but she is getting so warm, she removes her workout pants. Her slave will get her very wet and sweaty thong right on his face and nose.

Despina is a very strict manager, so when her employee starts to mess around and cost her company money, she is going to train him properly. Her employee will become her slave. She is take her sexy denim jeans and put them right on his face. Despina is going to sit right on her employees face. The employee isn't going to know what hit him.

There are many things that a friend will do but there are some things that won't be tolerated. As soon as Demy crosses the line, Kathis puts her in her place, under her face. Kathis strips and strips Demy too. She ties her up and makes sure she's too scared to move. As soon as is still, she sits on her face. She knows Demy doesn't like it. But she will learn to respect the boundaries of their friendship.

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