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Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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We've all heard of an ass kisser, but Diana makes an ass smeller out of her slaves. He had a bad attitude, and Diana's here to teach this loser an olfactory lesson by grinding her round ass directly on his face. She won't get off him until he takes many good and close-up whiffs of her ass, red thong, and dominant pussy. This man knows his place in her world.

Mistress Svenja isn't content to sit on a regular chair while she catches up on her fetish reading; only her slave's face will do. She wears only thong panties as she grinds and crushes her round ass and pussy into his face, demonstrating ultimate femdom mastery. This loser can barely breathe under the weight of her bottom and suffers extreme submission for the benefit of his mistress's comfort.

When Mistress Cleo gets a new dress, she likes to model it and her matching thong for her slave. She calls him into the room and orders him to the floor. He appreciates the view and knows that she will lift her dress and sit on his face. As soon as she does, he knows that she is going to sit on his face until he is ready to pass out.

Mistress Jessica is a sexy brunette mistress that takes her slaves face and sits on it while she checks her email on her laptop smothering his face while she reads them. This mistress has no problem smothering her slave and not allowing him to breathe while she presses down on his face. This mistress grinds her ass around on her slaves face and moves around until she finds just the right position.

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