Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

Jane calls her lawyer over to do some contracts with her. She knows that he won't accept her money but will pay her to sit in his face with her metallic gold pants on. After they finished the contracts, she laid him back on the sofa. She straddled his face and lowered her crotch into his face. He doesn't move. He savors the feel of her hot pussy in his face.

When Saya is finished spanking her slave, she puts him in her special chair. She knows that his ass and back are smarting from her whipping but she isn't done with him. She opens her legs and puts her ass in his face. She sits on him and tells him how worthless he is. She knows that he can't breathe but it's not a punishment if it was easy to tolerate.

There is nothing like punishing a slave with a bare ass. That is Mistress Kasha's opinion. When she notices her slave looking at another woman, she strips down to her lingerie and she puts him on the couch. She puts her bare ass in his face and forces him to smell her odor. She knows that she isn't always fresh but that is a part of the punishment for being disrespectful.

When Eve is bored, she finds a slave to have fun with. She grabs her slave and puts him on the sofa. When she has him in the right position, she puts her ass in his face. She loves to ride his face and cut his breathe off. She knows that he is smelling the scent of her ass and pussy. She enjoys knowing that he can't breathe without her scent.

When Kathrin gets dressed, she has to sit at her vanity to get finished. She knows that when she sits down her ass is going to be on her slave's face. She knows that he will be smelling her freshly washed ass. She doesn't sit long because she knows that he likes it but she refuses to put her ass on a flat chair cushion. She likes the way his hot breath warms her crotch.

When Amanda gets angry, she takes the time to think about it. She calls her new slave over and puts her ass in his face. She sits on him and thinks about why she is so angry and how she can resolve it. She doesn't care that he can't get any air. She doesn't care that it may take a long time. She will sit there until she figures out why she is so angry.

Diana is a mistress with strong dominating stills. She takes pride in knowing that she is in complete control of her slaves. Diana will have one slave that acts like an asshole, and teach him a very valuable lesson with her ass. She is going to sit right on his face with her smelly ass. The slave must sniff her thong and inhale every bit of odor.

Ebony is a fun mistress, but she also is a bit on the wild side. This hot red head is very demanding, and she never takes no for an answer. Ebony is going to sit right on the face of her slave, and completely smother him. She thinks her slaves all deserve to be smothered, and she is laughing as she is smothering him to the fullest.

Lady Cathy is a mistress with a full figure. She loves to sit on the face of her slaves. She will invite one of her loser slaves over, but she won't stop there. She is going to take her nice round plump ass and sit right on the face of her slave. He is going to be totally smothered by Lady Cathy, and she will humiliate him too.

Kathrin is one sexy lady in her hot pants. When she puts her jeans and black panty hose on, she is a very hot sight to see. Kathrin will take her nice ass and place it on her slave's face. She is very attractive, so all of her slaves love to be smothered by Kathrin. Facesitting is one of her favorite things to do to her slaves.

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