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Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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This mistress had had a long day and she was sweaty as well as tired. But before she took a shower and rested, she had to humiliate this slave. She did it with her bare ass and she covered his face with her ass. She also ensured he had to lick her ass until it was clean despite the fact that it was sweaty. When he was done, she went for her shower.

Mistress Gaia wanted to show this slave what she was made of. She likes to prove herself so that there is no doubt as to who she is and what she is capable of. She made the slave lie down and she crushed his face with her high heels before she topped it up by facesitting on him and having him lick and smell her ass as she smothered his face.

Mistress Charlotte conducts a cruel class in punishment in her fishnet stockings and black high heels. Her pupil in humiliation soon learns it's her way or no way as he's subjected to her sitting hard on his face. He's forced to smell her ass through her stockings and black thong, fully aware he's at her mercy until she decides he's had enough. But this human chair is in for a long and painful lesson.

When Kathrin gets dressed, she has to sit at her vanity to get finished. She knows that when she sits down her ass is going to be on her slave's face. She knows that he will be smelling her freshly washed ass. She doesn't sit long because she knows that he likes it but she refuses to put her ass on a flat chair cushion. She likes the way his hot breath warms her crotch.

The 6 foot tall 250lbs. amazon goddess Mistress X-rated face sits her male slave with her big black ass as she has his head on the edge of the bed and gives him a hard core face sitting. She is dressed in her red thong which is hidden inside her big butt cheeks and makes the slave's head disappear as she sits her big black ass right down on top.

Mistress Sam has returned to the amateur facestting wrestling world and she is paired up with Mistress Mia for her first match back. It does not take long for Mistress Mia to take Sam down because she is out of practice. Mistress Mia then takes Sam and pins her down on the floor and sits on her face wearing just a small green thong barely covering her round sexy ass.

Mistress Monica Mattos is a sexy brunette Brazilian babe that loves to facesit on her slaves. Today she sits on her slave Jessicas face but she takes it to the next level as she wraps her slave up in tape from her neck down so that she can not move or get free. She then takes off her panties and sits down on her slaves face and smothers her so she can not breathe.

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