Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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Mistress Angelina ties up this servant and slave to her little lawn chair and forces him to sit there and take it as she crushes his face underneath her giant ass and smelly pussy. He hates doing this and hates being a human cushion for her, but she loves it, and so she brings her full weight and dominates him under her strength and power. What a brutal woman to punish him so much!

This brutal dominatrix Stella likes to get half naked in her leather for her sessions. All the better to tease her slaves with, showing them her beautiful body as she sits down on them with her full weight and crushes them with the smell of her ass and pussy. They like being dominated and crushed by her, and always come back for more of her black panties and her punishment.

Mistress Leana loves using her pieces of meat as human bean bags. She's wearing tight jeans that show off her features and big black lace up boots that are great for trampling. But today it's all face sitting as she sits right down on top of her servant and slave with her full weight and her ass and pussy smell, crushing him with her powerful body and dominating him under her.

This nude skinny slave gets a nice face sitting and trampling from the sexy leather clad Annika Bonds. Her boundless sadism finds no ends as she tramples over his back with her black and red fire boots on. She covers his face with her black gloves so he can't breathe and sits her leather pussy n his face with her leather pants. The slave moans as she tramples his body.

Eva has always been a submissive slave, but when Vanessa gets her a leash and lets her know her new duties, it becomes a whole new ball game. Vanessa is going to allow Eva to check out her new denim jeans on her face by giving her a hot facesitting session to show her just who is boss. Eva better get ready for this slave training before it's too late.

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