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Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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Two plus size dominating sluts Cathy and her friend Cora, share a slave and completely dominate him with their asses. They make him lie in the floor for some hard facesitting and smothering then make him get on his knees so they can crush his head between their asses. They humiliate this slave every way they can think of and all he can do is lie there with a face full of ass.

Manuela is a hot little dominating slut who gladly puts her slaves through humiliation. She makes her slave lay his head back on a chair so she can use his face as a cushion. She lowers her sexy jeans ass down on to his face and smothers him with her warm ass. She then makes him lie in the floor so she can completely cover his face with her jeans ass.

Empress Cruel is a woman that tries to live up to her name. She enjoys sitting on her slave's face. She doesn't have a reason to. She just likes the way that he struggles and tries to breathe under her ass. She doesn't perch her ass on him. She uses her full weight to cut his breath off. The little air that he does get is filled with the scent of her pussy.

When Saya is finished spanking her slave, she puts him in her special chair. She knows that his ass and back are smarting from her whipping but she isn't done with him. She opens her legs and puts her ass in his face. She sits on him and tells him how worthless he is. She knows that he can't breathe but it's not a punishment if it was easy to tolerate.

This slave made a huge mistake asking mistress Jenny to please get up off of his face. That's not how this works at all. When mistress Jenny sits down on top of you, you breathe in her ass and pussy smell and you like it. And she doesn't get up until you're good and tortured and can barely breathe from the smell of her. That's what any good dominant mistress would do.

Mistress Mercedes dominates this stupid slave and piece of human furniture with the power of her ass and pussy, crushing him with her full weight and smothering him with her womanly smells. Of course, first she has to dress up in tight leathers and slap him with her riding crop, but all of that is just to prepare for his final punishment of being smashed underneath her awesome and sexy ass.

Lady Jane has just got a brand new pair of jeans and they were expensive. For sure worth more than the piece of human furniture that she uses to test them out. She kicks him down and binds him up to the couch and then sits her powerful ass right down on his nose. Then she scoots back and straddles his head, forcing him to smell the smell of her dirty pussy.

A good slave needs to be given a reward from time to time to keep him loyal and stop him from running away. She's always trampling all over this slave, but today she's cuffed him up and given him a surprise by coming over in only bra and panties. He gets very exited when she sits down and mashes her ass and pussy into his face, pushing down with her full weight and sexy smell.

Stella is relaxing today with a smoke, but there's no chairs anywhere around! That's okay, because she can always call in her loyal slaves to be her human furniture. As a reward for always being there for her, she sits right down on top of his face so that he can smell her sweet pussy smothering his face and almost taste her womanly parts from the other side of that denim.

Jenny loves punishing and teasing the silly little slaves that come to rest beneath her ass. She loves pressing down on them with her full weight and crushing their mouths closed so they have to smell her stinky ass and pussy. She wears almost nothing, just black leather, so that they are teased by her beautiful and angelic pale body which they will never have. She's a powerful and dominant mistress.

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