Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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Nita worked out and still has her workout pants on. She sits down on her slave's face and he can feel the sweat. Then she pulls her pants down so her slippery and sweaty ass can plop down right on his nose. She sits down hard until she smothers him with her sexy but very hot and sweaty ass. She switches position to get the full effect of her facesitting.

Katharina is a babe that is in amazing shape. She is going to take her loser slave and amuse herself with his face. Her loser slave is going to sniff her sweaty ass while she is working out, but she is getting so warm, she removes her workout pants. Her slave will get her very wet and sweaty thong right on his face and nose.

BBW Lady Cathy has had a very long, and tough work out. She removes her incredibly sweaty pants and sits directly on her slaves face using her ass cushion in what ever way she see's fit. She smashes her large ass into his face making it impossible for him to breath as she crushes him beneath her sticking his nose deep into her sweaty ass. He doesn't deserve any remorse, she'll decide when she is through.

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