Facesitting Clip

Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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Diana is a mistress with strong dominating stills. She takes pride in knowing that she is in complete control of her slaves. Diana will have one slave that acts like an asshole, and teach him a very valuable lesson with her ass. She is going to sit right on his face with her smelly ass. The slave must sniff her thong and inhale every bit of odor.

Ebony is a fun mistress, but she also is a bit on the wild side. This hot red head is very demanding, and she never takes no for an answer. Ebony is going to sit right on the face of her slave, and completely smother him. She thinks her slaves all deserve to be smothered, and she is laughing as she is smothering him to the fullest.

Lady Cathy is a mistress with a full figure. She loves to sit on the face of her slaves. She will invite one of her loser slaves over, but she won't stop there. She is going to take her nice round plump ass and sit right on the face of her slave. He is going to be totally smothered by Lady Cathy, and she will humiliate him too.

Kathrin is one sexy lady in her hot pants. When she puts her jeans and black panty hose on, she is a very hot sight to see. Kathrin will take her nice ass and place it on her slave's face. She is very attractive, so all of her slaves love to be smothered by Kathrin. Facesitting is one of her favorite things to do to her slaves.

Mistress Mercedes loves her slaves, but only for facesitting. She is going to place her perfect 10 ass right on a slave's face. She will smother him with all her perfection. The slave will not complain one bit, because she is so fucking hot and sexy. She has the best ass ever. The slave feels so happy to be able to sniff her sexy hot ass.

Xenia is a pretty blonde that loves to humiliate her slaves. She doesn't even ask them how their day is going. All she cares about is getting straight to business. Sitting on her slave's faces is what she loves to do. Xenia will not only sit on their faces, but she will smother them making them feel like the losers that they truly are.

Lady Cathy is a mistress that loves to hang out and have a good time. However, she is generally never alone either. She likes to have her slaves come over to her house, so she can smother them. Lady Cathy is a full figured woman, so when she is smothering a slave, the slave is totally covered and will have a hard time trying to breathe.

Manuela was blessed with an ass to die for. Many women workout so hard to have her ass, and every slave drops to their knees to serve her. She is going to select one of her favorite slaves, because he is going to be the lucky guy that is under her perfect ass. She is going to smother him with her perfect ass making him feel helpless.

Aileen Taylor is a very sexy and attractive mistress with an amazing fetish for facesitting. She is going to have a total blast sitting on the face of one of her loser slaves. The slave has been more of an annoyance for her, so she is taking matters into her own hands and letting him know that he's pathetic and she is going to smother his face.

Diana has found a new lover and they way she wants to tell her current boyfriend soon to be ex, is by tying him up on the couch, lifting up her denim skirt, and sitting on his face while she makes out with the new man in her life. The poor sucker is forced to sit there and breathe in her ass while she cheats on him right in front of his eyes.

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