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Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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A mistress doesn't do anything without a reason. She knows that her slave doesn't know what she has in store for him and he is surprised. With tape covering his mouth, he doesn't know what to think when she put her ass in his face, blocking his nose. She put on her favorite jeans and sits in his face with her phone. She moves her sexy ass up and down the length of his body, enjoying her new cushion.

When Mistress Cleo wants to have fun, she grabs her slave and puts him on a mattress. She has him lay bound on his back while she pulls up her skirt and lets her thong show. She bounces up and down his body, loving the way he bucks to throw her off. When she gets to his face, she sits for a while and then starts to bounce. She doesn't care if he is short of breath because she is having fun.

There is nothing like punishing a slave. When a slave just refuses to learn, two asses are sometimes required. These mistresses lay this slave down and get dressed in their skimpiest shorts. They take turns sitting their entire ass on his face, stopping the breathe he needs. They sit until he turns red faced and switch positions. As they sit, they make sure all his air is cut off. It's important to them that he learn.

Empress Cruel loves the thrill that shoots through her pussy when she punishes her slaves. She knows they don't want that punishment in public so they obey her. They don't like the humiliation they are subjected to but they enjoy the scent of her ass they are allowed to smell. She forces her slave to inhale the ripe smelling of her ass and her pussy. She loves punishing her slave.

There is nothing like giving a man pleasure. This facesitting mistress dresses to reward her slave. She wears short black shorts so he can smell all her body odor. She has his face covered and bounces on his face. She wants him to smell all of her and love it. As she bounces, she also gives a little added grind to his fantasy so that he will have something to remember.

Jessica Perola gives hardcore a new definition. Not only is she hot, but she has decided to brutalize her slaves Erica and Isabela. Can they handle being slapped? Jessica puts her pussy right on their faces and smothers them. Talk about hardcore, and Jessica loves it too. Jessica Perola is truly hardcore like no other, and she is proud of it too! Will they last?

This sexy mistress is ready for some relaxation as she sits on her human cushion for hours as she reads a magazine. She makes him put his head on the couch and then she sits on his face and ignores him for hours as she smothers his face. He does not get any fresh air as her ass smothers him and she sits on him with her full weight pressing down on him for hours.

Mistress Alice and Mistress Olive are two sexy mistresses that take their fat loser slave and makes him lay down on the couch and they put a red belt around his neck and then they make him lay down as they sit on his face and body. These two sexy mistresses sit on top of him and smother him with their asses leaving him gasping for fresh air and struggling to breathe.

Mistress Samanta and Mistress Athena are two super sexy mistresses that have their first facesitting experience together and share it with you to enjoy. These two sexy mistresses sits down on their slaves face and use him as human carpet. They sits on his face with their full combined weight pressing down over his face and chest. These two sexy divas enjoy their first facesitting experience together and look forward to many more.

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