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Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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Kathrin has had a tough week and the only thing that can make it better is to sit her slave down, pull up her panties so they wrap around her ass as tight as possible, and plop her ass down right on his face so that his nose goes up her crack and he gets to smell her odors as she smothers his face. Kathrin enjoys every second of face sitting punishment.

Dominique has a slave all to herself and today he deserves some good old fashioned facesitting punishment. So she wraps her legs around his head and smothers his face with her ass, that has been in these jeans so long that they have a nice aroma for him to smell as he is a a good ass slave to Domnique. This short haired mistress is an expert at grinding on some face.

Mercedes is always up for a good time. She is going to have her loser slave get in a public bathroom with her, but she won't stop there. Not only will she place her ass on his face, but she will force his head in the toilet too. Mercedes loves to humiliate her slave, and she will take a great deal of pride doing it in public.

Serina is always looking for a new seat. She found a new slave that will do anything to make her happy. She will train him to be her new human chair. Serina will sit on his face with her really nice jeans and smother him. She wants to be sure her new slave can handle facesitting and smothering with her very nice ass. Her slave is addicted.

Mercedes looks so hot and sexy in her red thong, but she is going to look even better once she is sitting on her slave's face. She will smother and crush her slave with her ass and pussy. The slave won't complain one bit, because he loves it when Mercedes places her ass and pussy on his face no matter what. She has a good slave.

Calina and Gia are very young mistresses that love to have fun. They are going to get together and see who can take the longest facesitting session from each other. They are enjoying each other and figure they might as well test the waters with how much attraction they have for each other. Gia will sit right on her face and love every bit of the action.

When Katya and Ljuba get together, they are so naughty. They love to get a slave over, so they can make fun of the slave and do humiliating things to him. The two girls will have their loser facesitting slave over, so they can sit on his face. Both of the girls will take turn on the slave laughing the entire time at what a loser he is.

Sandra is a mistress with a very hot ass. Sandra takes pride in her body, so when it is time to do some facesitting, Sandra is more than happy to plant her ass right on the face of her slave. She will push her ass and pussy right on his face, and he will love every bit of the smothering and crushing from her. She loves facesitting.

Gia has always had a crush on Calina, however Calina has always challenged her to a sit fest. Gia didn't realize that sexy Calina wanted Gia to place her ass on her face. Calina wants to smell Gia's hot pussy, because ultimately she wants to turn Gia on, so she can seduce her and fuck her good. Of course Gia sits on Calina's pretty face with her pussy.

Mistress Black Diamond is always up for a great day of facesitting and brutalizing her slave. She thinks he is a major loser, so when she places her very nice ass on his face, all he can do is open his mouth wide and take whatever she has in. She loves to humiliate him and tell him what a piece of shit he is in her world.

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