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Here you can find everything you like! Hot girls who love to sit down on a slave's face - don't wait any longer!

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Mistress Attika and her lesbian lover Jenny like rough play. They were bored in the house and watched a movie. The movie was romantic and it turned them on. But their kind of fun is rough play so Attika grabbed Jenny and after a little wrestling, overpowered her and facesat on her and forced her to lick her pussy through her jeans. They were both turned on and had awesome love making.

When a female slave is constantly misbehaving, she needs to be punished. Alex and Teodora decide the best way to handle the misbehaving woman. AS they take turns pressing their full weight against her, they don't mind that she is struggling to breathe. This girl knows she has to be punished and doesn't mind that 2 girls are cutting off her air supply and a way for her to breathe.

This bbw is a woman that loves what she does and she does it well. She is a woman that loves to face sit and she does it routinely for her slave couple. She knows they haven't been doing what they have been told so she punishes them as a couple. She sits her big sexy ass on their face, planting her pussy in their faces. She makes them breathe the smell of her pussy.

There are times a mistress will have to tame another woman. When they don't do what they are told, they have to be punished. She decides the best way to punish her slave is to dress in a sexy g-string and sit her ass in her slave's face. She makes her breathe in the scent of her naked ass. This sexy mistress grinds her pussy and ass into her face.

Mistress Lexi is a sexy mistress with a gorgeous ass as she sits on her slaves face and uses her as a cushion. This mistress spreads her naked ass apart and shows off her skills as she facesits on her slaves face. This mistress makes her slave even lick her ass with her tongue as she sits on her face and deprives her of the fresh air that she is desperately craving.

This sexy Egyptian Mistress Rashida loves to show off her sexy body and her flawless figure as she sits on her slaves face and smothers her with her ass. Mistress Rashida sits down on her slave Haileys face and smothers her with her round ass and presses hard on it so that her slave struggles to breathe fresh air. This mistress wastes no time as she teaches her slave a thing or two about facesittting.

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